Bathrooms are often the main features of today’s remodeling projects, the reason for this attention to bathroom remodel is twofold. The first is that most of the old generation of bathrooms were designed or built for utilitarian purposes and not much attention was given to aesthetic, or experience beyond the utilitarian aspect of it. Today’s bathroom design for both new construction and remodel looks at bathrooms as an object of attention or expression. The experience of bathing or rituals of washing your body have pushed the boundary of design way beyond an utilitarian use. Ironically, most traditional cultures saw the bathing experience as a ritual and were fairly sophisticated with respect to today’s culture. Persian Hammam, Roman bath houses, Japanese Bathing Rituals, Balinese flower baths, and Budapest’s party baths are just a few examples. So, the utilitarian concept of bathroom layouts are more related to modern mass suburban housing. Revival of pleasant and ritualistic bathing demands new understanding for designers, knowing available materials, limitation of space and reasonable budgeting. And finally the fact that any new bathroom, either in new construction or in remodeled houses, must match the level of design and construction of the existing/surrounding structure.


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