Bedrooms are one of the most private areas of a home and often are clustered around a passage hallway with bathrooms, the purpose of which is to buffer the bedrooms from unwanted noise and provide quiet and calm for the occupant of the bedroom. In some exceptions one bedroom is not clustered with the rest such as a guest bedroom, a bedroom designed for teenage kids. In these occasions the bedrooms are closer to living or family rooms. The important consideration of bedroom design beside clustering it within the private quarter of the house is to provide proper light and ventilation for it. In addition, by the code, bedrooms need to have egress windows or doors for fire safety, it is preferred that the windows in a bedroom be situated away from busy streets and close to privacy of back/or side yards. The master bedroom design is different from bedrooms for the kids since often it requires its own master bath and master closet. With today’s “working-from-home economy,” bedrooms are also used as an extension of one’s workspace. All these factors must be considered in the design of a bedroom.


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