Structural Details

In many ways structural details are as important as architectural details because it is the structure which allows the architecture to come to its final form. Presence of any architectural details or elements requires a structure which allows the forces in the form to come to equilibrium and stability. However a superiority of a structure is not only the strength it provides to architecture but also the ways in which it allows the architecture to manifest itself. There are even times where the structural details become the architecture, or architecture and structure become one and the architectural details project the strength we expect from a structure. For example a unique design feather in the Santa Fe project was the use of vaulted ceilings and exposed ridge beam, which revolutionized the enhancement of the architectural forms and spaces; juxtaposition of large exposed wood-header with sheetrock above the windows, which draws attention to the sense of strength and solidness in the surrounding walls of the living room and bedrooms; or the exterior deck & stair railing where the structural and architectural details are one and the same.


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