Grazzy Burgers & Albany Taproom


These twin projects are one of the major commercial works that Gehl Design Build has completed. The projects were commissioned by the owner of the property while the actual managers of the restaurant and taproom were the ones involved in the process of design and decision making.

As both designer and builder of these two projects we had an obligation to the owner of the property (who had provided capital for the completion of the projects) to keep the cost within our anticipated budget and meet the timeline for the completion of the projects.

Grazzy Burgers

Grazzy Burgers has a restaurant layout for serving burgers, a classic American food. But the idea was to provide a hamburger that was fundamentally different from the definition of hamburgers produced by the fast-food industry.

The menu of Grazzy offered a new generation of food which would be produced with care and Creative Culinary, and the health of the customer in mind. In some way, the opening of Grazzy was a challenge to the fast-food industry — by raising the bar from solely consuming the food to recognize the food as a healing ingredient of life. This new concept of hamburger not only changes the basic ingredients of a hamburger, but also influences the architecture of the place within which the hamburger would be made and served.

Albany Taproom

Albany Taproom is a place to serve beer to customers but also a place to discover the craft. Through engaging conversation, culture, and the introduction of new flavors, patrons are able to explore parts of the world they may never travel to.

Here, most of the beer served is drawn from a large container, such as a keg, and poured directly into the glass. Yet,there were also plenty of displays for bottle beer coming from all over the world. Agin, the design and architecture of this place was very different from the places, which people go mainly to consume alcohol. Albany Taproom would be a place where people would gather and talk about beer, different ways of beer making, and the distinct flavor of the beer. The intention was to create a culture of breweries and beer drinking. Our design provided the ambient and atmosphere suitable for such gatherings both for the countertops and on the tables.

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