San Francisco

This was a major remodel and addition project in San Francisco. Originally we contracted the project as a designer and consultant with the help of a local contractor who knew the owner.

The project started with the modest remodeling of the basement and legalizing the existing attic room. However, as the project proceeded the owner and contractor pushed for the expansion of the basement and major remodel to the main floor. During this process disagreements between the contractor and owner grew to the point where they were not able to continue to work together and we were asked by the owner to assist her as a project manager and work with the new contractor to finish the remaining addition and remodeling works.

So at this point, we created an as-build plan with complete descriptions of the completed work and the works that needed to be completed. Next, the permit plans were created to secure the necessary permits and schedule the inspections. The major challenge in this project was managing the chaos of the unpermitted works in conjunction with creative design as well as communicating with the new contractor. In the end, the project was completed, a new garage was carved from the slope in front of the house, and the basement was converted into an accessory living unit and the main and attic floor into a beautiful three-bedroom home. The original front elevation of the house with the dominant characteristic of all San Francisco homes is now designed to be a modern interpretation of the classic SF bay window.

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