San Francisco

This project was a major overhaul and expansion of a San Francisco house. We were hired as a designer and consultant, working with a local contractor who knew the owner.

The project started with remodeling the basement and making the attic room legal. But then, the owner and contractor decided to expand the basement and redo the main floor too. They did this without plans or permits. This caused problems between them and they stopped working together. The owner asked us to be the project manager and find a new contractor to finish the job.

We made an as-build plan of what was done and proposed plan of what was left to do. We also got the permits and inspection card we needed for the completion of the project. The main challenge was to fix the unpermitted works and design creatively. We also had to work well with the new contractor. The project was a success, with a new garage under the hill, a basement as an extra living space, and a main and attic floor for a beautiful three-bedroom house. The front of the house, which had a bay window, was changed to look modern.

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