The project involved transforming a modest two-bedroom house into a spacious five-bedroom residence.

The clients wanted to expand and update their existing home to accommodate their growing family and their aging parents. They needed a large master suite with a walk-in closet and a private bathroom, as well as three separate bedrooms for their children. They also wanted an extra bedroom/office space that could serve as a guest room for their parents when they visit, or as a permanent living space for them in case they need more care in the future.


The design concept was inspired by the clients’ strong family values and their desire to create a comfortable and functional home for everyone. The layout was carefully planned to balance the common areas and the private spaces, using design elements that foster a sense of connection and intimacy among the family members, while respecting their individual needs and preferences.

The house required extensive renovation. We considered the car and foot traffic from the nearby Hopkins Street when we planned the layout for the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and family room. We decided to create a gradual transition from the private to public space, starting from the backyard and moving to the front yard. The backyard was more private because it was farther from Hopkins Street and its noise and was enclosed by the other houses’ backyards. We took advantage of this opportunity and located the bedrooms, kitchen, and family room adjacent to the backyard to enjoy its privacy.

The original main entrance was in the middle of the front facade where it was exposed to the street. Our design suggested shifting the main entrance to the left side of the building and the center of the house to make the house less visible to the pedestrians. We also added an entry porch that served two purposes – offering a transitional space and weather protection for the main entrance.

The new main entrance of the building moved to the center let of the building, creating a foyer that connects the main floor with the upper floor stairway. The foyer also serves as a hub that allows access to different areas of the house, such as the living/great room, kitchen/family room, guest bedroom, and bath. This design solution prevents unwanted traffic from disrupting the living spaces, which was a major problem in the original layout of the house.

The upper floor stairway leads to a secluded hallway that opens to the master bedroom, kids’ bedrooms, and the bath and laundry closet. The upper floor becomes a private zone for the family in the remodeled house. This design also makes use of the natural light and ventilation that the elevated space offers for the master bedroom and the kids’ bedroom.

The addition of a new balcony outside the children’s rooms enhances the view of the backyard and alleviates the feeling of being trapped, which might have occurred if the windows were the only exit for the rooms. The balcony, an essential element of the house, finalizes the design.

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